Integral Design

Integral – creating the best designs together

We work with the architect, the client, the installation consultant and other design team partners as a single team.

Thanks to inspirational work and brainstorming sessions in which account is taken of the varying perspectives offered by the various professional fields represented by the different team members, the team is always able to arrive at the best possible solution. Together, we examine the budgetary considerations and various options. This creates a sense of mutual trust and understanding, allowing us and the entire design team to provide our clients with the best possible design.

An example:

A typical success story is that of the CHDR office in Leiden. By spacing hollow-core slabs a bit further apart, we created enough space between the flooring slabs for conduits. This made it possible to slightly reduce the height of each storey, meaning that six rather than five storeys would fit within the permitted height of the building. This created substantial added value for our client!