Sustainable construction: an art unto itself

As professionals, we are aware of our environment. That’s because we are convinced that the construction of a building, the choice of materials, and achieving savings on these materials are important priorities for the realisation of a sustainable project. This vision has allowed us to contribute to various projects that were classified as ‘excellent’ by the renowned BREAAM assessment method, such as our GEO and ISA education projects. The mortuary at Schiphol was rated BREAAM 'excellent' and was designed and built according to the cradle-to-cradle (C2C) principle.

We also use tools in the field of environmental classification which were developed in-house. This provides the design team with fast insight into the sustainability of various versions of a design. Keeping sustainability in mind, we make our designs flexible. That means that we take into account different options for a building’s floor plan to accommodate not only present but also future requirements. Additionally, we focus on the use of sustainable materials, using as few materials as possible, and the various aspects related to the actual construction of the building in question.