Renovation and Expansion Christelijk Lyceum Zeist

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Renovation and expansion is required for the main building at the Lindenlaan in Zeist dating from 1922 that houses the Christelijk Lyceum Zeist (CLZ).

The original monumental main building has been expanded several times (in 1984 and 1999) at the back. These expansions are in desperate need of thorough renovation. Given the number of students, the CLZ had to be expanded to a total GFA of 9,628m².

Additionally, the renovation and expansion offers the possibility of addressing the current issues of the school and increasing the sense of unity. The new sections will form a beautiful contrast with the old monumental part and offer space for educational innovation with attention to ventilation, acoustics and lighting. This will surround the new heart of the school with a suitable entrance to the environment.

By order of CVO Groep Zuidoost-Utrecht and under the supervision of HEVO advies- en bouwmanagement, we started the structural design in collaboration with Van Hoogevest Architecten.