Car Park Nieuw Argentinië

Underneath the new apartment building (43,000m² total), a three-storey underground Car Park was realised with 350 parking spaces and two one-storey bicycle storages.

Stadgenoot - Amsterdam
Breitman & Breitman-Krier - Parijs, Frankrijk
IBB Kondor - Leiden

Project information

Subterranean beauty.

A great part of the project for SWINN was the construction of the car park underneath apartment building Nieuw Argentinië on Oostelijke Handelskade in Amsterdam. This wonderful building complex directly by the IJ consists of two blocks of buildings with 240 flats and 2,000m3 of commercial space. In total, it has a area of 43,000m².

The constructional challenge for SWINN was to work with the original elements and find a solution for the existing problems. A wooden deck, required for the stability of the old quay wall, formed an obstacle in the original design. The garage was to consist of two storeys and built through the wooden deck of the quay wall. Here, various transitional structures and demolition activities would have to be carried out. A costly business.

In consultation with the architects, SWINN initiated a smart, cost-saving solution, where the wooden deck could be left intact. An alternative in the form of a narrow, rectangular, three-storey garage positioned it next to the deck and neatly beneath the building complex. The three-storey garage, with beautiful uninterrupted vertical bearing lines, delivered an incredible cost saving of €500,000. By thinking with and sharing knowledge with all partners involved, SWINN brings inventiveness and expertise to the table in each and every project.