Fermentation reactors

Two large fermentation reactors on a good foundation form the heart of the installation with which Croda partly provides in its own energy.

Croda Nederland B.V. - Gouda


Ir. Danny Zwakhals, site engineering manager projects

"To save natural gas, Croda has been creating biogas from the by-product glycerine from mid-2016. SWINN has taken care of the civil side of the project with its familiar and highly valued input."

Ir. Danny Zwakhals, site engineering manager projectsCroda Nederland b.v.

Project information

Own energy from a by-product.

Croda, founded in 1925, makes chemical products that are used by industry and consumers worldwide. Glycerine is the by-product of one of the newer products. Driven by innovation, Croda decided to convert this glycerine into biogas for own use through anaerobic fermentation. This results in significant saving on the energy costs and yields a CO2 reduction of 25%.

For the placement of the fermentation reactors, Croda appealed to the years of sustainable collaboration between SWINN and Croda and asked for constructional advice. The two cylindrical objects, each with a diameter of 15 metres and a height of 20 metres, logically demand a good foundation. No existing piles were allowed to be removed from the dam by the IJsseldijk, on which the reactors had to be placed.

A special vibration-free piling system with pile lengths of 16.5 to 18.5 metres was chosen. Naturally, this was agreed with Rijkswaterstaat.

Additionally, SWINN made a 3D model that includes all supply and discharge cables and pipes. The designs of the pipe bridges, landings and staircases were subsequently combined with the piping model of the fermentation reactors. This meant it could carefully be checked whether issues would arise. This clash control is conducted in each 3D model SWINN makes.

After a first collaboration, SWINN is often asked again, because the employees have great knowledge of their customers' files. The investment in collaboration and building a durable relationship belong to SWINN's core values. The conditions of the terrain of Croda and the set building requirements were very well known. The collaboration resulted in Croda being unburdened with regards to the architectural and constructional development. As a result, Croda is able to focus completely on its own processes and business operations.